Support For Businesses


I am able to offer a number of services to businesses in my local area. These services can include counselling and wellbeing support for staff. 

Critical Incident Stress Debrief (CISD)

Critical incident stress debriefing is a way to support your staff, either as a group or individually. CISD sessions allows for staff to have a debriefing following on from a traumatic or stressful event. This is usually an event which staff have all been involved in or affected by in some way. 


I am able to offer on or off site counselling support to staff. 

The support offered can range from individual one on one face to face to group work online. 


All of the above can be offered as below:

  • Full day or half day on site Counselling- Pre Booked Appointments.
  • Full or half day on site Counselling - Drop in Sessions.
  • Half Day on site Counselling - Group Sessions.
  • Full or half day on site CISD - Pre Booked
  • Full or half day on site CISD - Drop in support sessions.
  • Off site - 1-2-1 sessions - Pre booked. (Remotely or at my location).
  • Off site - Group support - Pre booked. (Remotely or at my location or other suitable location depending on numbers)


Please contact me at or on 07525120911 to discuss what you need and to discuss  prices.  

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